Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Home

Okay, we have been told frequently that our new home has not made it onto the blog.

Well here it is! Gabriel has really enjoyed having a yard as much as the kids! He has become our weed expert, he loves pulling weeds! And what a blessing that is for me!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A few pictures from the pumpkin patch.
A great family time!
She really wanted some help picking it up!!

Rethinking Goals

Okay, so obviously my goal to post something every week didn't quite pan out. Shortly after I posted last our computer decided to have a major breakdown and completely shut down. We were out of touch with the world, as my husband would say, for about 3 weeks. And then when we finally did get it back I was so involved with Zach's class that I haven't had any time. So, to rethink my goal I better make it once a month and then if I do get more on you all can just think that I am supper mom!!
Not much has happened this last month. Evan has had his usual funny little moments. He just will say the funniest things. And then there is our Zach. He is turning into our little spiritual man. There have been a few times that mom has gotten lost and Zach will always say he has a great idea "say a prayer mom"! The other day they got locked in their play room and were trying to get my attention, I thought that they were only playing. They had been yelling and then it got quiet. I went to see what they were doing and the door was locked. Talk about feeling like an awful parent, locking your kids in their playroom!!! I opened the door to see three little kids sitting in front of the door praying. Evan said "Mom, we were locked and so we said a prayer and look how fast Jesus helped us!"
Today we went to a pumkim patch and had a blast! Natalie was so entranced with all of the pumpkins. She loved them! The boys liked running and all of the train and hayrides they had. There were little picture spots everywhere with little pumpkins and kid show characters. We couldn't stay as long as mom wanted to take tons of pictures. So, we will be going back and getting more pictures. They had so many cute picture spots!