Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our week's Summary

When food dislikes interfere with your fun
Evan is going to be a boy that loves April Fool's Day. He was thinking of stuff all day to try and trick people. Zach wanted to put ketchup on him to pretend he was bleeding. Evan thought that was cool, but he doesn't like ketchup so he thought he would use something else that is red. On Thursday he comes home from school and asks me if ink on your skin can give you ink poisoning. And then he shows me his hand. He was so excited to try and trick his dad and proud that he beat his brother to it! But then mom made him wash it off.

What I have been up to this week
Our dryer hasn't been drying very well lately and it seems to just be getting worse. I called a service guy to schedule to come look at, and it is $60 to just come look at, not to mention if there is anything that need replaced or labor hours. So, I have been reading up everything I can to figure out how I can do it myself. What I thought was the problem ended up not being right. But I tore the dryer apart, took the part in to have it tested, and then put it back together. When that wasn't the problem I thought maybe there is a clog in the vent leading outside, but that isn't it either. Bottom line I tried so hard to avoid a service fee and be independent but I guess some things you just can't get away with. Darn it!!! I hate spending money that I know I could save if I just knew more about things like this.

"Take me out to the ball game. . ."
Zach had his 2nd game on Sat and was so excited, he made an out and he hit the ball and made it to 1st base! What a day. I love the first picture you can see his team mate in the back telling him to run. He was playing 3rd baseman and he tagged the base and then when the player got to 3rd base I think Zach tagged him at least 2-3 times. He was going to make sure that he got him out! This was really good for him considering both games he gets up to bat in the last inning with 2 outs and bases are loaded and then he strikes out. Gabe and I don't think he realizes the whole picture, but he was really upset his first game that they lost. He came home crying and very upset. Sports can be so good for kids, but hard.