Friday, May 6, 2011

Our April

Wow! April flew by and I got very little pictures from the month. Evan was looking through my camera and asked how come I didn't have any photos of him. I felt bad - they were all from preschool. I need to work on that.
Here are a few from April that I did get.We have spent the whole month, it feels like it, at the baseball fields. The boys are both in baseball and we are up there a lot. Natalie has been a true sport spending so much time up there. I love her hair here. It seems like it is always crazy. She calls it "crazy hair". The other day she told me that she was a boy. And she was dead serious. She said that only boys had crazy hair, so she must be a boy. (there is a little boy with super curly hair in preschool and that is where she was getting her research from) I know how you feel Natalie. It is a love/hate relationship. Better get use to it.

We let our pet fish and frog go free. Gabriel and I had been trying to convince our kids to let the critters go. The kids had lost interest in taking care of them and Mom was stuck with cleaning the tank and always taking care of them. They finally agreed. I think it will be a while before we get another pet in our home.

The biggest news of our month was the big storm that hit our neighborhood. There were winds up to 80 mph and it brought hail with it. It was about 1 am and amazingly our kids slept through the whole thing. The storm hit from the opposite side of the house from where their windows are. But Gabe and I could not sleep during the whole thing. It left its mark on our home and many more around us. Luckily we didn't have any windows break like many of our neighbors. We were very blessed. This is a lid that got left outside. All those holes are from hail. They had golf ball size hail reported. And it hailed so much when you looked out the window that night, it looked like snow had accumulated in parts of the lawn.

It also knocked down our fence on both sides of us. A LOT of fences are down here. The kids like it because now there are 4 yards connected and they have more playing field. It has been a little nice to have the kids all connected and together. And I have a feeling that it is going to be a while before our fence gets repaired. It also left a mark on our car, but I have no photos of that one. The insurance totaled the car, it would take quite a bit to fix it. There are blessings mixed in here, but mostly we are grateful our kids slept through it all and that no one got hurt.