Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Berry Patches

We went berry picking just before we left on vacation. They were big and juicy and the kids had fun picking and tasting. It was Natalie's first time picking and she loved it. I think she loved having a bucket to carry around. But once we saw a spider, she wouldn't pick anymore. They have some very interesting looking spiders here.

Evan was 2 when we first went picking. He ate more berries than were in his bucket, but he was the most dedicated picker of our bunch. He was the same this day. This was the first time we picked blackberries and he worked just as hard.

They were all great helpers and were definitely ready to go when Mom was finally done filling her bucket! Next on our list-peaches!

Watermelon skills

I bought a huge Watermelon at one of our Farmer's Market and the kids were so excited to eat it, except Zach (he doesn't like it). But I didn't think about the fact that we usually get a seedless one in the store, this one wasn't. So my 2 melon eaters were trying to figure out how mom was spitting out the seeds and keeping the melon in the mouth. Natalie was the funniest. She was trying so hard to eat just the melon and not the seeds. Then she attempted to spit them out with the melon in her mouth and it all seemed to fall out. She had it all running down her fat little belly (what a mess), but we had fun.
Yes, we were under a trampoline, in attempts to have some shade from the sun. I knew that it was going to be a mess and so I wanted to be outside. But man it gets hot out there!

Evan was getting really good at spitting seeds. (I think he liked the fact that mom was approving of the act) He was trying to see how far he could "shoot" them. And now he keeps checking to see if we have any watermelons growing in our back yard.

Happy Birthday Natalie

I'm back!!! I haven't fixed my computer, but I am at my moms house and hers is working well with my camera. I am going to try and catch up while I am here.

First, our little baby turned 2 on June 14th! Amazing, I can't even believe that she is not my baby anymore. She is getting so big. She is my most independent child ever. She has to do everything herself and if she doesn't watch out temper. Yes, she has a temper! She is our little other mother at the house. She will hover over the boys if they are crying and then if I am trying to get them to do something she is right there repeating everything I say to them. Her vocabulary is much bigger than the boys' were at this age. She loves to talk and have the attention on her. Her big thing right now is to convince everyone that she is funny and then laugh like she is the funniest! Last night we were driving back to my parents house after a long day at Yellowstone Park. It was about 9:30 and I thought for sure she would be asleep. I asked my husband, who was sitting next to her, if she was asleep and before he could respond I heard Natalie say, "still awake!" We all busted up, it was hilarious. And of course she laughed along with us. I love our little Natalie. She is so much fun to be with, even with her phases she is going through, she is a little sweetheart. I think it melts Gabriel's heart when he walks through the door, anytime, to hear "Daddy!" She will run to him and wrap her little arms around his legs. It makes My heart melt! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE!!!
After the birthday bash!

The frosting did a little tinting to Nat, she loved her cake