Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catch up - Oct

Now for an October update. As I was thinking about what we did during October and it seems like it was consumed by baseball. Last season when both boys played I told Gabriel I did not want to do that again. So, we let the boys know that there were other things that they could do. And we thought that Zach might actually do karate. Then when baseball rolled around this season they both absolutely without reservation wanted to play baseball. So, I bit the bullet and signed them both up. It has been great for Evan, he has really lucked out and had some great coaches each season. But poor Zach, I don't know if it is the age group he is in is more competitive, but he has not had some good coaches. He loves the sport and just enjoys playing.
This is Evan's team this season. Gabe was also one of his coaches, but he had to leave for work right after their last game and then they decided to do a team pic.
I thought this photo was funny. It was Evan's last game and I was watching him bat and he literally watched the ball go by him and he kept his eye on that ball after it passed him. It was hilarious to watch him do this a couple of times.

This is my preschool group. I arranged for us to go and sing some Halloween songs at a Senior Care Center. The kids were so excited to go and sing for somebody and the residents there absolutely loved it. They kept begging us to sing more! We will have to go back again. But it was cute to see them all singing and dressed up in their costumes.

Here they are singing There's A Spider On The Floor and they are pulling a spider up. What cute kiddos!!!

We did a little carnival thing with a couple other families in our area. One of the games there was bobbing for apples and I realized that none of my kids has ever bobbed for apples. Which having Evan is a shocker. Anyone who knows us knows how many apples we go through at our house. We really need to look at growing an orchard before he gets much older.

My little comedian! We were trying on pants and switching all the summer and winter clothes. Evan put these on and we all died laughing. And well, the picture says it all.
I am a slacker scrapbooker, my camera was lost so I have no photos of our Halloween. My FIL sent me some photos, so hopefully I can get them scanned in and I will post them. That is all for October. Hopefully Novembers will not be typed up in January- we'll see.

Playing catch up!!! - Sept.

Once again I am way overdue for a post. I don't know if anyone still checks this blog anymore. I actually started this so that all of our grandparents and extended family could keep up with us, but I don't think any of them see this and I don't update it enough to keep them updated. Maybe if I did this as a journal of our family events I would be better at keeping it updated. I'll try that theory for a while and see where it gets me!
Life is busy as usual. Since I last posted we have stayed busy with baseball, preschool, church callings, hosting family and we've had 2 birthdays!!!

Evan turned 8 in Sept. and we had his baptism then. It was wonderful to be able to have both grandparents here, plus his cousin was able to come. Evan was elated. He is like his dad and doesn't really express his emotions outwardly, but as his mother there were signs that I could tell he felt special and he was happy that they could all come. He wanted a baseball cake for his birthday. And his dad had him convinced that mom could do a full stadium cake! Never mind the fact that I have never even set foot in 1 decorating class, Gabe!!! But sweet Evan settled for a simple field, "since you are so busy" he told me. What a sweetie.

As I was looking for a photo of his baptism to put up, I couldn't find one of the whole clan (grandparents and all). I don't know why we didn't take one. But here is one of the family.

And this is the cousin that was able to come. We can't wait to be able to see them more often, they are moving to Texas!!! It is like a dream that I am going to be able to live by one of my sisters! I am probably scaring my BIL with all my plans of when we can see each other!

Preschool has kept me super busy. At the end of school in May I had 5 kids in preschool, this year I started with 8! And I might add another in January. It has been crazy at times, but so much fun. Natalie loves having preschool and having so many kids to be able to play with.
This is not all of them, 2 were missing here. We took a field trip to a pumpkin patch and had a great time. It was so nice that most of the moms came. It made for keeping track of 8 kids so much more manageable.

I thought this photo was so funny. Who poses like that? She wanted her picture by this cat, because it was pink and she just laturally posed like this. I just have to chuckle at how funny she is sometimes.