Monday, May 11, 2009


This is why I have been so busy lately.
1-My dryer!!! Yes, I am still trying to fix it. I can't tell you how many time I have taken it apart. I think I have called the appliance place so many times the lady is ready to have my number blocked.

2-Sports. Both boys are involved in sports, 2 different and somehow they end up at the same time. Soccer has ended, baseball is still going. They keep cancelling due to weather. But for now we are scheduled to end on the 28th, as long as they don't reschedule beyond that.
In April Gabriel and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. Considering we can fly anywhere and we have never taken advantage of that together, Gabriel surprised me with a trip to San Diego. And he even arranged for a couple friend of ours, who also is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, to meet us there. We were limited on time, but we had a wonderful time there. It was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was wonderful. Our friend, Brandon, had done research on restaurants and they all turned out to be really good. We stayed at a hotel right on the bay across from Coronado Island and we took a ferry over to the island. We saw the Coronado hotel and walked along the beach. It was so nice to not have kids and just enjoy ourselves.
There is a funny story about this hotel and me, but I will only tell you if you ask. Angela and I got the biggest laugh out of it. I will just say, I didn't do research like her husband did.
We saw this statue by some other military sights and I thought it was hilarious. The thing was huge! Come to find out it is on loan. So, hurry on over to San Diego to get a look.

Good food, good friends and good times. Thanks Brandon & Angela, we can't wait till our next trip!
Gabriel and I both served missions for our church in Chicago. We have been telling our kids for a couple of months now about Chicago pizza(our kids love pizza). They have been waiting very patiently. So, when the swine flu hit and they closed the schools for a week we decided we would go! Gabe had the day off and the kids were out for a few days, weather was good and flights weren't too bad--so we went. It was not the best trip we have taken. We left our house around 4:30 am and got home around 11:00pm, yes we did it in one day. Our poor kids. They loved the "el" train, weren't too impressed with the pizza (Evan thought it was pie), they loved throwing rocks in Lake Michigan, playing in the sand, and their mouths finally watered as we walked through the Lego store on Michigan Avenue.

We went all the way to Chicago to find this wonderful rock!
And to play in Chicago sand! No matter where you go, boys will find dirt and rocks and be perfectly content. Why did we have to go so far to find this out?
This was the only time Evan smiled in the restaurant. He only tasted the cheese, which was about 2/3 of the pizza. Zach ate his piece, wasn't his favorite, but he ate it. Natalie threw a royal fit and then zonked out on my shoulder. She slept the rest of the time we were there.

She is following in her brother's footsteps. Will lego's never end at our house. Natalie did this the whole time we were at the Lego store, she just kept asking for more flowers. Eventually they ran out, so it was time to go
We have had a fun and busy couple of weeks, and now the end of school is coming and I don't even have my summer schedule close to being done. I actually haven't even started it, it's just all in my head now. Hopefully I will have it done, before school ends.

Better late than never

I know I am almost a month late with this picture, actually I think I am! I have been crazy busy for the last month or so, which is why I have not responded to anyones emails or commented on anyones blogs. I have been looking for brief moments, but no long enough to comment. So sorry. But here is a quick photo from Easter. I was trying to get one before church, because after church Natalie is a bear or she is asleep. However we were running late, even though we don't meet until 1:00!! I don't know how that happens. Too bad that only 1 out of 3 is looking at the camera and 2 out of 3 are completely dressed. But I am glad that 3 out of 3 were actually all happy to go to church that day!