Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Here!!

I am in Germany! And it is so beautiful here. And colder than Texas. My sister had told me to bring a jacket. So, I brought a fairly warm jacket for where I live, but not warm enough for over here. I have had to use one of theirs most mornings. I am having a great time spending time with my sister. She has 4 kids, 2 of them are in school. She has a very busy life and I only wish that I could live closer or do something else to help her. Her husband is deployed for a while and it is tough. I only hope that my visit is enough to give her energy to last a little longer, until my other sister comes in December. I am taking lots of pics and will post them when I get back. Sorry I haven't posted any pics I still haven't got my photo program back up. But I will do some soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is going on a shirt that I will wear proudly to Natalie's graduation in 16 short years.
After always having someone to play with it was a real shocker to her to entertain herself. She talked all day long and fussed over every little thing. It was just so boring for her. I tried to have her help with my to do list. But that only lasts so long. But we did survive the first week back and this is what we got done.
1-I gutted the boys bedroom.
You, unless you have kids, cannot imagine how stuffed a closet and under the beds can get.
Or how many legos can be in little cracks and corners.
It looked so nice when it was done and I even had an inspiration as to what to do with all of those priceless lego sets.
2-I sorted through all of Natalie's clothes and brought out the warmer clothing, so that we are ready for the cooler weather(I am hoping this will speed it along)
I can't believe how much clothing the girl has!!! And how fast she grows. There are some articles that she never wore. But at least it will stay in the family, I am taking the smaller ones with me to Germany to her cousin.
3-I started to orgainze the play room. This is going to be more work than I thought. And it doesn't help that our printer is broke, so I can't print out the labels that I want.

I did spend some time with Natalie. The first day of school we went to a neighbors house for lunch, the next few days we went swimming, to the park or played outside on the tramp(she likes not having the boys to contend with there!).
Now that a new week is here, and sports have started it is a different world some days. Last night Evan had soccer practice and Zach had his first baseball practice, both at 6:00. Gabriel doesn't get home from work until 7! Are you laughing yet? I was! Luckily, they are only about 2 miles from each other and I fortunately had a friend that was so nice to stay with Evan for his, so that I could attend Zach's first one. I have never done baseball and was shocked to see that he has 2-3 practices a week. Is this normal? I may be a staunch, but I told Gabe that there might be some that he will just have to miss. One of his practices is at 7:30 at night,for 90 min. and their bedtime is 8! Don't get me wrong, I budge on bedtimes, but not that much on a school night. Maybe I am a little harsh, but my kids NEED their rest. But we survived last night and this Sat is Evan's first game and Zach has another practice at the same time, but thank goodness my husband will be there for that one!
I will survive and I hope my kids do too!! Only 2 more weeks and I will be in Germany!!! And oh my, their grandmothers are going to have to survive this!

Butterflies the first day of school

Not, my boys, but me!!!
I was more nervous for the boys to go to school than the boys were. Evan never even looked back. In fact, the first morning I wanted to drive them. Yes, I know I am a little attached to my children, but these are my little kids growing up before my eyes and there is nothing I can do but grab every moment possible. So, I had told them, against my husbands approval, that I would drive them in the morning and they could ride the bus home. Evan was so disappointed, it was the sadest face(I wish you could have seen it).
"But, mom, I wanted to ride the bus"
"Well, you will ride the bus home after school"
"But I have waited my whole life to ride the bus to school and now it is ruined!"
Wow, what a melodrama!
So, he proceeded to beg his older brother to convince mom to let them ride the bus. Yep, they won. He was so excited to get on the bus, he is so big now. And Zach was one of the proudest big brother, it melted my heart. Oh, how I miss them when they are gone. They are great boys and super good friends. I am a very blessed mother.