Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Begins

Summer has begun! And this is a great picture to let you know what we do a lot of at our house right now. It has become a family favorite past time.
Here is a little bit of what else we have been up to.
School got out the first week of June, Yay! We had a little break the next week, but then this last week has been packed full of stuff. Zach had cub scout day camp all week and all day.

Natalie had a birthday and turned 4!!

Evan and Natalie started swimming lessons, which are every day for 2 weeks. And my sister, who has been in Germany for the last 3 years came for a quick visit with her husband. It was super good to spend some time with her and her husband.

This is my sister that visited and this is Natalie's cake. She wanted another castle cake this year, but pink and purple. This one didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped. One- the colors are not what I would have picked, but she is 4 and who cares! Two- the towers weren't as tall as I wanted. But Natalie absolutely loved it! She helped decorate it, if you couldn't tell. Those flags were not designed by me, although it does look a lot like my art work! And she picked all of these characters from her toys to put on there. I can't believe they grow up so fast.