Sunday, January 23, 2011

Natalie's First Play

One of our local high schools are putting on a play, Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to take Natalie, but I wasn't sure how my kids would react. 1-Natalie is young and it is a 3 hour play; 2- I have two older boys ("a romantic play is not impressive" was their response); 3- Did I really want to spend money on something that could really blow up in my face?
We were very blessed and someone gave us free tickets to go. So, yesterday I took the kids and we went to our very first play. It was a little long for Natalie, but she loved it. Zach really enjoyed watching the orchestra play. Evan loved the part where Gaston tried to get the Beast. But Natalie's favorite part by far was meeting Belle and the Prince. All in all I am glad that I took the kids, it was a fun day.

Natalie thought it was so neat that one of her friends in preschool is the Prince's cousin! On the way home she asked me if the Prince ever visits Max's house. And if he does can she go over when he does?

Mom Time

We have tried a few times over the last year or so to have a date with 1 kid every month. We don't do expensive things, sometimes it is just going to the park with them. But it is nice to be able to talk with just them and let them know that they are important to us as an individual. We haven't done it in a while and then when I tried starting it again there was a long pause between 2 of them. It was Zach's turn and he reminded me that it had been a really long time since he had one. He had a bad bad day at school this week, so I took him right away on a date. He wanted to go for ice cream and there happened to be a new one close by. We had a nice visit and he let me know that he didn't like calling these dates (he thought it sounded wierd to be on a date with your mom), so he has decided to call them "mom time". Not sure what they are called when dad comes along!? But it was interesting to see how he turned from being REALLY upset, but after our visit he felt better about the world and was happy again. I hate seeing my kids get hurt, but it is good to see them handle it in such a big way. I can't believe they grow up so fast.
Can you tell he loves chocolate? Oh, what a young stomach can handle.


I love reading blogs! If I were to admit to something that consumes my time it would be - I love to read other blogs. I love reading about the lives of some great women and wonderful mothers. Some of them will never know how much of an influence they are for me. Or how they, at times, have been my children's saving grace! I especially love and envy the ones that can post something every day or even weekly.

I love the idea of making these posts into a book to have to look back on years down the road. But right now if I did a book every year, one book would have like 5 pages! Journaling is hard for me, I don't make time for it. I kept a great journal on my mission. I wrote every day and I loved it. I love it now. I love going back and reading the entries and a lot of the stuff I forgot about it, the little things. And I know that is what is happening now with my little family. I am forgetting the little things and those are what I want to remember 10 years down the road.

I am making a goal to try and make more entries in this journal. I want to be able to have all the little things my kids say and do stored forever. I started this blog to keep our grandparents in the loop with us, but I don't think they read it anymore. (But then I hardly ever post) I hope that I can keep this goal and even include pictures every now and then. I have to remind myself that it may not be easy and I may have to adjust my priorities, but it will be worth it for my kids when they are older.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Today was a wonderfully perfect day. We had heard there might be snow, but when we woke up this morning it was pouring rain. As we drove to church every other rain drop was so close to being snow, but it wasn't quite cold enough. Well after being there for 1 hour the snow was coming down thick. It was a beautiful sight. The kids were estatic and I don't know how their teachers kept them in class for the rest of church. Once we got home all they wanted to do was play in the snow. Natalie outlasted her brothers hands down. It is days like this that I am glad that half of our backyard is a slope. They had a blast sliding down and all the other fun you can have in the snow. Gabe built a fire and after playing in the snow we piled around the fire to warm up. What is it about a fire and snow outside that makes you feel so good and peaceful? The kids went out for a 2nd round after their stuff had dried, but I took a nap! What a fun day for all of us. Evan last night prayed for snow today- look what we got. So, tonight he prayed that the roads will be too icy and there won't be any school. I love it when school is canceled- I hope it happens too, Evan!
Making a snowman.
What fun! Watching his face made me want to jump on.
She didn't realize how cold she was until she came in the house, she was shivering.
She was very proud of her snowman, that she decorated all by herself. I love the arms. I had found something much smaller, but she was insistent on using those bats!