Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally- Pictures

I finally got pictures put on CD. So here are a ton of them! Our summer has been filled with so many different things. Here is a little of what we have been up to:

Over the summer Evan has become my little scientist. He want to try experiment with something every day. Here he wanted to mix water, salt and food coloring! When nothing happened he put in more colors and then some sugar. Nothing! Then he put it outside to see what heat would do. The great thing about it was that every time there was no reaction, he didn't get frustrated. I hope he keeps up the experiments(to an extent!).

Evan was a trooper and volunteered to help me snap beans. I wanted to freeze them so that we can have fresh beans in the winter. We love crunchy beans! We also froze broccoli and blueberries. Our garden was good to us, as long as we remembered to water him. We had a strawberry almost every morning waiting for us. I was trying it out to see how well they would do, next spring I will have to plant a lot more of those. Natalie and Evan were always trying to get more. My raspberry plant didn't make it, but I forgot to water it for a little while. But the blackberry bush is taking over. Hopefully in the spring we will have some blackberries!!!! I really want to plant in Sept, but not sure what is good to plant in the fall here. If any of you have let me know, otherwise I will be doing some research in that area.

We spent a lot of time swimming. We probably went to our pool 3-4 times a week, plus throw in a water park here and there. I didn't realize until moving to Texas how much I love swimming and being in the water. Zach and Evan loved the slides, as did Dad! And this water park was great, it has water slides for all ages and all fear levels. I was impressed at some of the ones Zach went on. We spent forever there and then we come home and zonked out!

highlight of our summer- Disneyworld!!! Gabriel and I were talking and realized that we have gone probably 4 times, but always quick trips. This time we went and were able to spend some nice quality time at the parks and with his parents. The kids still managed to have more fun splashing in puddles and goofing around. It rained pretty hard 2 days we were there.
We did a late night swim, which the kids thought was great! To them it was like getting away with something! Zach and Evan's highlight was driving the little boats with Grandpa and Dad.

And Natalie's was seeing the characters. She had to give everyone a hug!
Our summer is almost over and I can't believe the end is near. I loved having my kids home this summer. I am not ready for them to start school. I wish I could home school them. It is very tempting at times. School starts on the 25th and I am so sad, but I will have something to fill Nat's and my time --I am starting a preschool out of my home this year. I am very excited and a little nervous. I have always wanted to do this, it has been a dream of mine for years. I just hope I can recruit enough kids to make it work. Wish me luck!!