Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Dear Sweet Husband

I have a great husband!! I know cheesy, cheesy!! But he reads my blog and I wanted him to know how wonderful I think he is.
Gabriel went on his first camp out this last weekend with the Boy Scouts. I was impressed and worried the whole time. It was pretty cold that night. He said there was a little bit of snow flurries when they woke up Saturday. But they had fun! And I am so impressed with him. Way to go Gabriel!!

We have had many a discussion about doing thoughtful things. So, last night this is what I found on my pillow. Yes, I did watch the movie and read the books, but am not one of the obsessed ones. But this box cracks me up! Can you read what some of the hearts say? Hilarious!!

Thanks Gabe! I love you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

When Mom and Dad are sick. . . .

What do you do when mom and dad are both sick? Just ask our kids that entertained themselves all day today while Gabe and I have taken turns sleeping and just taking it easy.
So, this is what our kids did to pass the time.

1. Build a "water track" to drive your boats down the hill to the pool.

2. Find all kinds of creatures while digging in the dirt. We discovered worms and some slimy thing, we think it is a snail.

3. Bury treasure in your backyard, Mom and Dad don't care if you make a hole in the grass.
4. Play pirates with each other.

It really amazes me sometimes what kids can come up with when left to find fun on their own. Makes me wonder why we have a playroom full of toys. Kids are amazing.

Spring Break

We had Spring Break this last week and it wasn't as we had planned, but in the end I think the kids had fun just having a break from school. I know I sure did. Evan started getting sick last Sunday and was sick for most of the week, Natalie followed him a few days later and then me and now Gabe has it. We wanted to take the kids up to Chicago for the day and go get Giordano's. The kids have talked about it for weeks. I did a mini class for our last Primary Activity about serving a mission in Chicago and pizza was talked about it. Zach had asked if they had ever eaten it and Gabe and I decided that would be fun for the day. Well, due to the fact that St. Patrick's is a huge deal in Chicago, the flights were all packed for most of the week. So, we will have to pull them out one day and do that later. And since 2 of 3 were sick we just hung around the house. (How fun is that!?)
A tip from a friend lead to this. I sent the kids out to "wash" the trampoline. We put soap and water all over the and they had so much fun. It was the best slip and slide too! Zach said it was the best chore ever!
We went to the park one day and had our first ant attack. Minutes before we were leaving Natalie fell on top of an ant hill and got quite a few bites. It was a scarry few minutes. As we were leaving the park Natalie says to me, "Thanks for saving me Mom." How is it that a 2 year old can make you feel like a million bucks? I got a few bites myself trying to get them off of her and she is always coming up pointing to them and will say, "You got bit? You saved me from the ants?" She is a little terrifed of going to the park now, but hopefully will soon forget.
And we did cleaning. The kids were great about helping out, especially since they were rewarded with a new Wii game dad had borrowed.
While the boys cleaned the house, Natalie was cleaning herself. She would put foamy soap on a brush and rub it in her hair. After I captured her she went and got her hair washed and not 10 min later she was back doing the same thing. I have had to put all our foamy soap way out of her reach!
Gabriel took Friday and Saturday off and we went to an indoor water park on Friday. The kids had a blast. It was very crowded, but fun. Not anything fancy, but we had fun being together and I will be sad to have my boys gone all day tomorrow. Spring break is a very nice break!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Cowboy

Evan's kindergarten class has been learning all about Texas and for the finale they were to dress up as cowboys and girls. Well, other than a hat I didn't have anything for him to dress up. The shirt I picked didn't have long sleeves and apparently cowboys do. "Cowboys wear boots, not tennis shoes" Evan informed me that morning. And the bandana that I had intended for him to wear around his neck appeared to be too close to what a cowgirl would wear. So, he is looking at himself in the mirror saying that the kids aren't going to be sure he is a cowboy. (How is it that kids 'know' everything!) I suggested that I could put a mustache on him to make it more western. Well, long story short he agreed and we all had a good laugh. He went to school a lot more excited about his costume. He came home just as excited, no one else had a mustache!
What a cute cowboy!