Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today I was talking with my sister and she pointed out that I had not posted Evan's cake on here. I feel awful I didn't post about my sons birthday. He turned 7 back in Sept and wanted a Phineas and Ferb cake. But of course there was nothing in the stores at that time to do such a cake, so I had to result to doing my own. It turned out pretty good and Evan was trilled, which is all that matters in the end. Evan is a great kid and keeps us all laughing, just see the side bar. And now this year he will be 8! I can't even believe it. I remember when he was born. Tomorrow it is suppose to snow here, which doesn't happen often, I hope they close school. I want a day with my kids!

The wording didn't turn out great. I didn't have much time to do those and by the time I got to those I just wanted to be done with this thing! But for not being an artist- at all - I was pleased you could just tell what it was suppose to be. (You should some of my artistic skills, Natalie is often questioning what my drawings are suppose to be.)
The elated birthday boy! I think they get cuter every year.
I definitely need to write about this! All Evan wanted for his birthday was a pet. Well, Gabe and I aren't too keen on those yet. So, we decided to start minimal. We got a fish. These 3 kids sat and watched 3 fish swim in a 5 gallon tank for over 1/2 hour! They were completely mezmerized! We let each of the kids pick out a fish, hence the 3. By day 3 Evan's fish died. He was so sad. Luckily the store has a 2 week period where you can bring back your dead one and get a new-how nice. Because our tank is so small and we have 3 inhabitants we needed to find something smaller. We found a cute aqua frog that doesn't need dry land in the tank. He thought that was great. Then, about 3 days later we wake up and the frog is dead. Evan just fell apart, "How come my pets are the only ones dying?" I felt for him. He didn't want to try again, because he felt like they would just keep dying. We finally convinced him to try again and we got another frog and that one is going strong still!!!
I had to remember our experience with our first pets. And after this I don't know if we will get any larger than a small tropical fish or frog! Some people just aren't cut out for pets.