Monday, October 10, 2011

Naming a pet

We don't have a pet. But my kids would love a pet. So anytime that they get any sort of animal they name it. Natalie will give it a name that is relative to what it is. She got a pillow pet that is a dinosaur (I think) and she didn't give it a dinosaur name or anything like that. She named it "Pillow". Why? "Because he is a pillow." Her rationale is very plain and sensible. Gabe took Evan on a day trip today and Ev was so nice to bring back a souvenir for his siblings. He brought Nat a little bobblehead horn frog. She wasn't sure what it was so before naming him she asked Ev what he was. After telling her, she announced that she was naming him "Horny". Gabe and I just looked at each other and tried really hard not to laugh. And then she told me that she wants to take him to school tomorrow and show him to her class. How do you get your daughter to change a pets name?