Thursday, March 20, 2008

A late Texas Christmas

We got our "White Christmas"(a little late) but the kids didn't care. Evan actually thought that Christmas would shortly follow. We had so much fun. It snowed on a Monday night, did you see the great shot with the moon and the snow falling? Really that is a ball our kids left outside, but it looks neat!! As you can see the snow was already melting the next morning. And Natalie really loved eating the stuff!(Yuck!) I could not keep her from putting it in her mouth.

Then it snowed again on Thursday while Zach was in school. They closed school early and they were out on Friday! Yep we actually had a snow day. The kids had so much fun. When Zach came home Thur he went straight for the backyard and started to make a snowman. Evan didn't like the flakes falling on his face, but Zach could care less.

On Friday the finished their snowman and Zach insisted that they had to dance around him, singing the "Frosty" song. Funny, huh! Natalie had breakfast outside!!! Then we went sledding on our great hill in the backyard. We had some make shift sleds, since we thought we would never use a sled in Texas. Even Natalie had fun sledding. By 1:00 the snow was pretty much gone. We sure loved it while it was here.

That morning in our prayers I said that we were thankful Heavenly Father had sent the snow. Evan was amazed that He was the one that sent the snow. So he decided that he was going to pray for snow every day! It hasn't worked yet, but stranger things have happened!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

World of sports

From basketball to soccer we seem to always have a sporting event on Saturday. Thank goodness they are not during the week. Zach finished his first season of basketball and Evan started his first season of soccer. They are so cute out there running after the ball. It is cold somedays, but once they get running they aren't bad. Hopefully we can get a shot with Evan and the ball. Most of the time he just enjoys chasing the rest of the group!

Caking frenzy

Gabriel is our cubmaster and February was the Blue and Gold Banquet. I volunteered to make a cake for it. This is what I ended up doing. The scouts were excited to have their very own cake and they didn't mind sharing with the rest of the group. The bear and wolf were both out of edible fondant, and a friend painted them not me! They tasted good and that is all that matters!
But next year I will think twice before I volunteer for that again. I was making cakes and decorating all day and late into the night! But I love helping my husband in any way that I can.

Grandparent Fun!!

My parents came for a visit during February and we had a great time. The kids really enjoyed spending time with them. Zach had them come to school and meet his teacher. We went to a historical spot and saw some long horn cattle. Sunday we just hung around the house and had fun together. We love it when grandparents come, it is like a vacation right here at home! We love you Grandma and Grandpa!!

Books can do your heart good. Especially when you share them with Grandpa! This melts my heart.
Natalie now has an obsession with Grandpa, she wants to either call him on the phone or see a photo of him. It is cute!

We had lots of fun with our grandma and grandpa!