Monday, April 21, 2008

Cute bugs!

This is my cute little bug. My mom got her this outfit and it makes her look so grown up. When my husband saw her in this he couldn't believe how big it made her look. They grow up too fast.

These two were so excited to find a bug on our little tree. They were playing discovery and finding all sorts of things this day. But this was their greatest find! I love spring time when everything is new and exciting.

Sunday afternoons

This is our sunday afternoons after church. The other sunday I actually got a nap in and when I woke up my boys wanted to show me what they had created. I am not exactly sure what it was suppose to be, but let me say that for the next week I found tape and yarn everywhere in their playroom!! Creativity does have its price!

Yesterday after church Evan is suppose to be changing his clothes and he comes out and says to me, "Mom, look at my superman costume!" He was very proud of himself.

At night it is a treat to pop popcorn, since we just got a new air popper. And it is the only kitchen appliance that my daughter is not terrified over. Anything else that plugs in she is scared stiff and is frozen in place shaking hysterically! But this is a fun thing, if you can't tell from her face.

We love Sundays!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter activities

Saturday before Easter was our Egg Hunt. Nat loved the Easter bunny, but not our boys. I could not get either one to go near him. And Nat couldn't get enough of him, she just kept walking up to him and resting her head on his lap. It was really cute! Then she found a lady there that had these cute little baby ducks. She and I fell in love with them. I wanted to get one so bad, they were only $10. It seemed like the perfect pet. You keep it for 6 weeks and then take it down to our lake and realease it and you can visit it when you want. My kind of pet. But my husband predicted something bad would happen to the poor thing. Then I read a friends blog (who had 2 baby chicks) and just as my husband had said is what happened to both her chicks. But they were so darned cute!!

Easter Eve I went to check on our kids and this is what I found on the boys top bunk. How can that be comfortable! If I slept like that I would be absolutely sore in the morning. He is hilarious.

I could not get my kids together for an Easter shot on Sunday morning. But I definitely wanted to get one of Nat. I have discovered that I love her in green. She is so darned fun to dress up and she loves for you to tell her that she is pretty.
I never take enough pictures when it is all said and done. I need to just go picture crazy. It is better to have too many than not enough!!

Spring happenings

We had another soccer game on Saturday and they took pictures. The running pic is to show you how Evan runs. He literally runs just like this-all the time. He is not going to rush himself, just loving life!

For Spring Break we hung around the house and had fun together. One day we went to the zoo and the boys were excited they got to see a baby crocodile! I wasn't very good at taking very many pictures during our break. Gabriel actually had the same week off as well, so we all had fun times.