Sunday, January 27, 2008


She has hair!!! And enough that I can put some of it in a little ponytail! I was so excited today that I went and bought the little elastic bands. You can't really tell very well, but it is there and it is curly. But it is so fine, a barret won't stay in at all. Soon she will have enough so I can have 2 on her head. But for now, I am just excited that I can get one. Now I just have to get bows that I can attach to the ponytail. Oh, I love having a girl. And a girl with little curls!!! I sure hope she likes it as much as me.

Disney trip

We recently made a quick trip to Disney World to do the obvious and visit Gabe's parents. (his dad works there, nice added bonus!) We spent just 1 day there, but we had a blast! The boys have been 1 time prior couple years ago, but this was Natalie's first visit. So, we had a ball watching her with many things. We went on a Safari ride at Animal Kingdom and she said "Wow" for every animal she saw. It was cute. We saw the Lion King show, which if you ever get there you have to see that. All of our kids liked that show. It was great!! Then Nat had her first ride, "Dumbo". She did very good waiting in line for almost 25 min, but once we got into the seat she freaked out! She was, as you can see in the picture, really wigged out. Then, once the ride started she was great. She loved it! When it stopped she kept asking, "More?" But not for another 25 min wait, the picture spot will have to do!

................The boys had a blast going on a Buzz Lightyear thing with Dad and Grandpa. Their hightlights were getting cotton candy(apparently we can't get it anywhere else, or maybe it just tastes better here). But if you ask them what their favorite parts were it is as follows:1-Buzz Lightyear ride 2-Cotton Candy 3-Lego store. Our boys loved the lego store at Downtown Disney. There were some pretty amazing things all out of Legos! Zach has found his lot in life. He wants to build the robots he saw with his legos! Good Luck! I don't know if you can tell, but in the picture everything, but our boys is out of legos. It simply was amazing. The funny thing is, I remember seeing this the last time we came. But our boys were young and I just didn't appreciate the fact that these great pieces of work.
For me the best part was watching Nat's reaction to seeing the characters at the Magic Kingdom. We passed Pooh and Tigger and she got all excited. But there was an extremely long line to see them, so we didn't even attempt. But while we waited for the men in the family to do their Buzz thing we saw these two and she was so excited. She has never even seen a picture of Stitch, but she ran right up to him(and we weren't in line) and hugged him. So, then I got in line to see him, it wasn't long at all. She hugged him again. Then we saw Buzz and I thought there is no way she will do the same, he is soft or cuddly. But she loved him. When I picked her up next to him she was poking all over him. I only wish we had enough time to go see more characters, just to get more pictures like this. Hopefully we will be able to go back sometime this year. It was a blast!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

late christmas kids

This was a picture that I wanted to do in front of our Christmas tree, but now the tree is put away. But I really wanted to get a picture of the kids before it got too far past the holidays. Anyway, here is our late Christmas picture of the kids and the process to get there. It was hard getting Natalie to work with me. She has one pose in her and then she is all over the place. And of course the one that she sat for didn't turn out that cute. This was after church, cause they were already dressed up, and they hadn't been fed (bad on my part). But I knew that if I fed them lunch then I was going to remove the clothes and I would not have got the picture I wanted. Hopefully next year I will plan this a little better. To make a long story short, here are our kids!
Notice Zach is smiling and ready in every picture! I love how
Evan is trying to get Natalie to cooperate, he is a great helper
when it comes to her. In the end, it is not a professional, but they are cute and I have to laugh at how much they put up with me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Roses are Red

My husband is convinced that when I talk to a friend that it involves husband venting. So, to show you all what a wonderful husband I have here is a picture of what he did the other day! (after he cleaned my toilets, don't forget that!) I love my husband. He wants every day for me to be happy, which makes me love him even more. On the days that I am ready to hang everybody, his positive attitude is the last thing I want to hear. But then I step back and realize how grateful I am for him. When he walked into the kitchen with these all I could do was. . . . . . awwww! He says they are going to die pretty soon, but for now they are beautiful and they are mine!


Natalie has become very independent as of late. She wants to do everything herself. I should just hand her the diaper and wipes and call it good!!! But then again. Sunday as we are trying to get ready for church she is eating breakfast. We have a little shaker for powder sugar, which we use for some breakfast foods. Well, she decided that she wanted to shake it on herself. As she pulled it from my hand this is what happened. And we had just washed hair the night before!
I love it when they find that independent bug.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hoop It Up

This is Zach's first basketball game! He is really enjoying playing with a team and especially since Dad is the coach. I couldn't get a good shot of their coach! (I think he was trying to avoid the camera!) Our big guy is in the grey shorts and black shoes. He loves having basketball shoes, too! Now, we just need to make a shot and life will be complete for the age of 7!

FHMA (Future Homemakers of America)

This is Nat's new hobby. She will take dishes out of the washer and set the table! (Good insentive for mom to make sure the dishes in there are always clean) As she puts the dishes on she will say the name of who sits there. It is the cutest thing! The picture of the table is all her. She did that all by herself. And as you can see she can barely see above the table! Let's hope this excitement to help stays for awhile.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our Christmas

We had a great Christmas, we stayed in our pjs all day and didn't clean anything! What a wonderful day! We enjoyed watching and teaching Natalie the joys of ripping paper to find a hidden treasure. Dad and Mom put together a trampoline, which we have used everyday since. And then we had a Christmas tree pizza for dinner. It was a great day. I can't believe that it is all packed and tucked away in the attic awaiting another 365 days. It comes so fast and leaves even faster. I love watching the kids faces that magical morning and never seem to quite catch what I want on camera. Maybe I need a faster camera!!! I love the feelings and memories we shared this holiday season. We hope you had a wonderful time as well.
......................................................................................................................................................Christmas Eve we had a party with some friends and the kids did the nativity. Evan was Joseph along with his favorite friend as Mary. It was really cute. "Mary" just loved playing the part, but Joseph was shy as ever. Can you see these two playing Ninja Turtles together and duking it out? Well, trust me they are hilarious.