Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break!!!

It is spring break here, so hopefully I can catch up on my blogs. But I had to post what we did yesterday! They aren't personal photos, I forgot my camera. I always seem to forget it when I really want to capture a moment. I need to work on that.

We took the kids to an indoor water park for their first day of spring break. The water was a little colder than we remembered it being. But it was still fun. They have a lazy river that isn't so lazy for adults! The water moves pretty quickly around, you really get a work out in there. And 2 of our kids LOVE it!
The highlight was this guy (who is scared of trying new things)
tried this and LOVED IT!!!
He probably jumped over a dozen times. He absolutely loved it and now he wants to go back to all the pools we have been to and jump off their diving boards. He even got dad to try it once. We all thought that was cool to watch. Dad hasn't been on a diving board since high school.
We had a great day and ALL of us were wiped out after we got home. What a fun day!


me said...

we did maddox's 2nd b-day there! what fun. although you could have come here for spring break!

Heidi said...

Where is that water park?? I didn't know there was an indoor one in the area.

(Carrie, we want you to come HERE for spring break!)