Saturday, March 24, 2012

History has a way of repeating itself

Yes, I realize it has been a long while since I posted. You would think with all of our modern technology and conveniences it would be easier to have more time, but I don't. And this pregnancy really has wiped out my energy, not to mention preschool and 3 busy kids. But I really need to document this funny story, for history purposes.
When I was younger my family lived near some cows. They had a fenced area that was full of mud and other stuff (you know what I mean). Well, my brother got in there one day with some rain boots. It wasn't long before he was stuck. That muck just sucked onto that boot and wouldn't let go. My mother was able to get him out, but without the boot.

Well, 30 some years later it came back around. We have had a LOT of rain this past week and so our ground is very muddy. And lucky for us our kids have turned a part of our yard into a mud hole. No grass lives there, just mud. They even have a hole dug that they can sit in, they really like to be in dirt. Of course the rain filled the hole and made that area of our lawn absolutely terrible. Natalie had a friend over after the rain had passed and they were playing out back. It was so quiet, the boys were gone and I was really doing good on my organizing goals. Suddenly, the back door opened and a very frightened friend says, "Hurry, Natalie's foot is stuck in the mud and she can't get out!" Talk about a flashback in time.

I immediately thought how funny this moment was and wanted to get my camera. I started looking around for it and could not find it anywhere. Then her friend comes back and says, "Hurry, she's sinking deeper and she can't get out!" I stepped outside and told her she would be fine, I just wanted to grab my camera. Natalie looked at me, as she is tugging on her leg to pull it out. I could tell she didn't see my reason for wanting to capture this on film. She was starting to cry, so I went and helped her get out. As soon as she was unstuck she was fine and went on playing, muddy foot and all. She had on a pair of crocs, which have holes in them, so she had mud all over inside the shoe as well.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the moment, but at least I have written it down. She wasn't traumatized after the fact, at least I don't think so. Although her friend might be, thinking that her friend is sinking in quick sand and all her mom thinks about is finding a camera!
I wonder if this will repeat itself again for the next generation?

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